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A wellness oasis in the Bolognese Apennines



Walks in the woods
Seminars for proper nutrition
Courses decoupage and natural cooking
Fitness center with sauna and turkish bath
Anti-stress program
Free gymnastic
sun Terrace
Relaxing upper body bath
Swimming pool with hydro-massage and neck massage waterfall
Applications of mud, peeling, beauty treatments, etc..
Relaxation area with library
TecnoGym fitness room

Course of Health
This 4 week course is an intensive training (full-time), is designed to teach the fundamentals of health and combines health education with the evangelical work
"Every church should be a training school for the Christians, should have courses in health, cooking, education in different branches of the Christian service and help Should not only be teaching, but also real work in the field, under the supervision of experienced instructors. As masters we go forward in the work among the people, joining ourselves with Christ and learning from his example. "
Taken from: The Ministry of Healing, The Ministry Of Healing by Ellen G. White
You will learn the principles of health and also follow practical lessons, on the spot, with experienced instructors who come from one of the largest clinics in Europe that applies the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of Natural Philosophy:
- Techniques of hydrotherapy and massage
- Key information on healthy nutrition
- The causes of the diseases caused by improper lifestyle
Spiritual growth and Christian lifestyle are an integral part of the course program.

Dr. Anna Slepenchuk - President of Clinical Natural "Our House"
Alexey Ostapenko - Regional Representative of the OIC (Outpost Centers International) in Western Europe
Ludmilla Karmeliuk - Director of the School of Missionary Medicine Novi Obihody - Ukrania
Oleg Slobodaniuk - Natural Therapist Clinical "Our house" training in Wildwood Lifestyle Center, United States of America

- Massage and Anatomy, Basics
- Nutrition
- Cooking classes
- Organise a course in Health
- Medical mystical - What is right and what is wrong
- Program divine care
- The call of God
- Hydrotherapy
- Simple Natural Remedies
- History of Health Communication
- The Ministry of self-supported
- Stage and practical training

Fee: € 690
inclusive of food and accommodation for all the 4 weeks (28 days).

Computer files: € 30

Course in English with a translator in Italian

Course Location: IL MIO RIFUGIO, via Valfiorita 398, Rocca Pitigliana fraz. Gaggio Montano, C.A.P. 40041, Bologna, Italy

We are available to you for any request.
For information call:
+39 053423890 or +39 340 3542734

Register as soon as possible because places are limited!

Healthy eating:
the health for excellence.

Body exercise:
this activity has a
beneficial influence on
body and mind, streng-
thens the muscles and
eliminate toxins.

Water: precious liquid
that can 'prevent and
restore health.

cost zero, benefits 100.

Balance and moderation:
virtue of moderation
in fulfillment of the
natural needs and
natural desires.

Pure air: essential element
for life, the pure air
oxygenates the brain,
increase the reasoning
capacity, and eliminates
the stress.

Sleeping: restore
body and mind.

Divine Power:
psychology states that the
Faith is an effective remedy,
preventive and curative.